Thursday, 18 August 2011

Large Elf Haul

Hello my lovelys <3
Hope your all having a FABulous day! Its nice and sunny outside which puts me in a fabulous mood :) Back in the end of June when Elf had their 50% off Studio products I made a huge order. This is only my second order from them but since shipping and handling to Canada is $17 I decided to stock up and try some stuff that I have had my eye on. I love Elf so much because it such a great price that if you do try something new and you don't love it you don't feel like you just wasted tons of money on something that you'll never use!! (and their stuff usualy is very good) I used to buy their products from winners but actualy just realized that it is way cheaper on their website then anywhere else!!

   4 Studio blushes in : Fuchsia Fusion, Giddy Gold, Peachy Keen & Pink Passion
                                          Natural Radiance Blush in: Blushing

                                                 Warm Bronzer
Studio Blush Brush
Studio Eyeshadow 'C' Brush
Studio Angled Foundation Brush
Studio Stiple Brush

Elf Studio Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink

            2 Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in: Twinkle Teal and Plum Passion
                                                   Cream Eyeliner in Black
French Manicure Nail Polish set
Elf Matte Finish Clear Nail Polish

                 2 Elf Glossy Glosses in: Dragon Fruit and Ballet Slippers
                               Minty Lip Gloss in New York City
                               Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Nude Pink
                       A BROKEN lipstick in Captivating :(

      3 Mineral Lipsticks in: Natural Nymph Runway Pink and Pouty Petal

                                   Elf Makeup Mist and Set
                   Duo Cream Eyeshadow in Sugar Cookie

                     5 Brightening Eyeshadow Quads in: Glam, Luxe,
                Nymp Dreams, Rocker and

                                        Studio Shimmer Pallette
                                       Eye Primer & Studio Concealer
2 All Over Cover Sticks in: Pink Lemonade & Golden Peach

I'll do reviews on everything once I've used everything!! Do you guys like to order from Elf? Have you had good experiences with them??


Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

Such a huge and awesome haul! I love ELF, myself. I do have some of these items and they are pretty good. You got some goodies I didn't even know they had! I can't wait to hear what you thought of your purchases and what were hits and misses for you. Have fun trying out all this goodness. :)

Christina said...

Runway Pink lipstick is one of my absolute faves!! I wear mine all the time. Plus, ELF products are so cheap so it's definitely worth it to stock up


Mie said...

Thats a great haul!! That sucks for a broken lipstick though.. maybe let them know and they'll replace it ??

I've only ordered from them once. Shipping was kinda slow but otherwise it was pretty good! No complaints 8D I love their eyeshadow primer. I want to try all of the ones they have.

Sweethestia said...

Wow! this is allot... Love it!!

Wonderland Girl said...

Love the haul - I'm on a shopping ban as of the 1st September till the 14th December (don't ask!) and I'm living through everyone else's purchases!
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

BeautyBehaved said...

great choices hun!
too bad about that lipstick!
i cant wait to hear about how the stippling brush does...?

& i really enjoy there blushes & the mist n set i like(:

<3 BB

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

Great haul, everything looks fab x

Hunter87 said...

Very nice haul it always nice when u get a good deal. I like the studio line eye shadows.Let us know how u like the blushes.

TaYgAn said...

That is the best Elf haul I think i've seen!! Everything looks awesome!! I had ordered a decent size order when that sale was on as well, I did get a few things you got but it does look like I missed out on a bunch! It was my first time ordering from there...shipping took like 3.5 weeks!But prices were awesome.Can't wait to see what you think of it =D

PopBlush said...

Woah! Nice haul!

I have heard good things about the Conditioning Lip Balm's~

Looking forward to swatches~ ^_^