Saturday, 13 August 2011

Awards :)

Hey dolls
How is your weekends going?? Good I hope! I have been busy shopping and doing little errands! Fun fun :) I recieved a few awards over the last little bit. Back in July I recieved the Versatile award (2nd time yay!) from Jazmin at  My Pursuit of Happiness. Thanks love Then today I recieved the Best Blog award, Blogger Luxury award and the Inspiration award! All from Beauty Behaved. Thanks so much to both of you!! You should all check out both blogs!! They both have great product reviews and other posts that are fun to read!!

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Share 7 random things about yourself
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Name your favorite color- Purple
Name your favorite song- Wannabe by the Spice Girls
Name your favorite dessert- Rootbeer Milkshakes
What pisses you off- Bad drivers!!
When your upset you- I'm an emotional person & cry A LOT!!
Your favorite pet- my pomeranian Princeton
Black or white- black
Your biggest fear- something ever happening to my mom, sister or daughter!! I could not stand to live one moment without any of them!!
best feature- my eyes?? maybe :S
Everyday attitude- content :)
What is perfection- being happy with yourself and your life!
Guilty pleasure- diet coke
7 random things:
I'd pick board games and wine over the bar anyday!
I'd love to have a farm with horses one day
I want a big family (at LEAST 3 kids)
I've been shopping for Christmas presents since April!!
I have a purse obsession!!
I love coke slurpees!!
I love to color with my little cousins :)

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I love reading all the girls I posted and recomend you check them all out!! Thanks all



tinkerbelldani said...

Wow! All four awards??? Thank you so very much :) you have just made my awards go up to 44!!!! :0 , very very happy! Thank you so much! I am now following and I have read your blog , a few month back actually lol and loved all your posts :) I love your nail posts! Your good at painting nails! I also love your little daughter and your dog :) I have 2 sons and a chihuahua lol! Lots of love! Can't wait to see more posts from you :) xox

FOREVER '92 said...

A rootbeer milkshake sounds yummy right now! Yay --Pomeranian love!! (:

Thank you for thinking about me and my blog! :D

Rakhshanda said...

Congrats honey <3 Great post hun!!!!

Mrs.Makeup said...

Thank you sweetheart! Love your blog too!

Hunter87 said...

U very well desirve them doll!

KatXoXo said...

Tinkerbelldani-yes four lol I recieved around the same time so I just grouped them all together!! WOW 44 awards?! You deserve them though I absolutely love reading your posts!! ♥
Forever'92-I was obsessed with them throughout my pregnancy!! ♥
Rakhshanda- Thanks love ♥
Mrs.Makeup- aww thank you ♥
Hunter87- Thanks SO much!! means so much to me!! ♥

Miss LV said...

Hi Huni, thank you for the award sorry it has taken me so long to read it, if you read my latest post you'll understand why. I am now following you, merry christmas x

Miss LV