Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Hats...

Hey Dolls <3
Happy Friday :) This afternoon I watched clips here and there of William and Kate's big day. I, like others, was really looking forward to seeing her dress. Also, like others, I was a little dissapointed. After hearing about what a fashionista she is I was a little confused. On the other hand I understand that she has to keep somewhat traditional and can't show skin..etc. But I for one thought Diana's dress was way more interesting. It just seemed so plain. There was nothing on it that made it stand out at all. What really stood out to me was the guests and all there great (and sometimes not lol) hats. There was some pretty out there hats and outfits!!
              Princess Eugenie looked like she was going for a peacock look.
               Princess Beatrice wearing what looks like "antlers" as critics put it.
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who looks like a super hero (what was she thinking?!)
The Queen wearing a yellow...sun hat?? I don't know the correct word for these hats..
And my favourite Pregnant Victoria Beckham looking oh so posh in her simple black hat with her sleek ponytail.

I wish I had somewhere fancy to go to wear a crazy hat...maybe NYE?? Do you all like these crazy hats? Woukd you wear them if you had an occasion??



Sara ♥'s ... said...

When I first saw Princess Beatrice's hat I think I might have fallen out of my chair... =S
I actually loved the Queens outfit best!
I guess crazy hats aren't my thing lol!

Suvarna Gold said...

thanks for the comment!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

I thought Victoria Beckham's was one of the better hats and she looked very nice too. I did see a hat I really liked, but I don't know who it was wearing it. I'll have to go and hunt it down now :-)

Marie said...

I like Victoria's hat, simple and chic.:D

***** Marie *****

Wonderland Girl said...

Gotta give B credit for embracing the Lady Gaga look ;)
Totally agree about Tara! I expect a cape to appear and her to shoot off into the air!!!!
The Queen is adorabe though isn't she, just wanna cuddle her in her lil yellow hat! <3
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Jessy said...

some of those hats are very funky, but i luv Kate's dress its so pretty

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Jessy said...

btw thx for following me, and thx for your compliment, but those are not my real eyelashes, but oh how i wish they were~~~~you are so sweet~~~

Jacenda said...

The 2nd pic makes me laugh a little. :) Victoria looked awesome! I love her!

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

its really an interesting post =D!

-Princess Eugenie's hat reminds me a peacock @_@
-Princess Beatrice one is soooo funny!! antlers =P?
-The whole outfit Tara wore is... strange? so blue, really blue
Queen was actually lovely, light yellow fit her well =)
Victoria outfit was as cool as herself

KatXoXo said...

Sara ♥'s-I know me too. I thought the queen looked cute too ♥
Suvarna Gold-No proplem ♥
CharlotteSparkle-Me too, if I was attending that's something I would like to wear! ♥
Marie-Exactly! ♥
WonderlandGirl-Definetely I would not have been risky enough to sport something like that!! Thye material of tara's outfit is so wierd looked foamy to me lol ♥
Jessy- They are so pretty I wish I had eyelashes like that!! ♥
Jacenda-Me too ♥
♥PixieD♥-Thank you! I thought the queen looked great also!! ♥

Sara said...

Thanks for the comment doll- now following you :] I responded to your comment as well! ♥

KarenD said...

The hat/fascinator sliding down onto the forehead look just confuses me. I like hats that sit on top of people's heads, like they were meant to. :)

FOREVER '92 said...

Don't think I'll be sporting hat anytime soon.
Awww I didn't know Victoria Beckham is pregnant! (:

Shayla said...

Idk how they keep half of them on lol. Cute blog! Thanks for following!

KatXoXo said...

Sara-Thanks hun, I'll check it out ♥
KarenD-Yeah it is a little wierd lol ♥
Forever'92-Yup with a girl :) ♥
Shayla-Me eather I'd be scared to move incase it fell off lol!! ♥

The Fashionilla said...

Beatice and Eugenie look ridiculous! Non!? Good post!

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All the best!


KatXoXo said...

The Fashionilla-They do lol That sounds amazing :) ♥