Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day Two:My Favourite Shoes

Hey Girlies

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Mine was spent stranded at home because my boyfriends truck broke
down so I got the priveledge of lending him mine. Lucky me!! Oh well, I got some much needed cleanin
done and my wonderful mother brought me a great lunch :) Anyways....This post is just going to include my picture of my favourite shoes(for the thirty day challenge) So enjoy :) haha!

It was really hard to choose my favourite shoes because I love them all so much! I eventually narrowed it
down to four categories: fave boots, fave heals, fave flats and my fave sandals. Then I just picked the ones I
use the most at the moment and wah-lah!! I got these lovely flats almost three months ago and as you can see
they are already quiet worn in because I wear them so much! (& it's probably because they go with
absolutely EVERYTHING) I originaly wanted to find flats that looked like actual ballet slippers but when I
saw these for only $12 I had to get them. I love them even though clearly they are not the best quality
(notice the tear starting to form in the right toe area) What types of shoes do you prefer to wear?? Heels,
boots, flats, sandals....
ps-I don't know why my lines won't line up grrrrrrr!!!!! Does anyone know how to fix that??




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Charlotte Sparkle said...

Nice shoes.

Villa Bisono said...

Loving those shoes...Now following, hope you can stop by and follow back. I would greatly appreciate it!

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FashionAffair said...

these are soo cute !!