Friday, 11 March 2011

Spa night :)

Hey everyone! Its Friday night & I'm staying in tonight with my beautiful little girl Ava<3 I decided to go to the drugstore and pick up some stuff to do a little "at home spa" type of thing!!

I grabbed myself A facial peel off mask (LOVE peel masks!!) by Freeman in Cucumber. I've used it before and already know I love this scent. I have extremely sensitive skin and this peel is surprisengly fine on my skin considering it only costs $3! My skin felt so nice and soft after. Definetely a great product for $3 :) I think next time I will try Grapefruit!!

I also picked up a foot scrub and a foot soak which are also by freeman. The foot scrub is a self warming foot scrub in Peppermint and Plum. I can't say I liked this at all. It did not warm at all and it felt rougher then most foot scrubs. Anyways, the foot soak was a little better. I got the Peppermint and Plum in this also. It was easy to go on and off but I can't say my feet felt all that much better after these treatements.
Oh well we had fun anyways :)
Kat XoXo

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