Wednesday, 21 May 2014

BroadWay ImPress Press on Nails Review❤

Hello my loves
Sorry I have been absent lately, I have had back to back family visiting for the last couple weeks. So needless to say things have been a little hectic! Anyways last week I received a VoxBox from Influester that had not one but two packs of Broadway Impress Press on nails! I was pretty excited because these designs I actually liked! That's about as far as my liking went for just a warning this will not be a 'good' review if that is what your looking for...

I received two packs of Impress nails
The pack on the left is from their new Villains Collection, this one is Maleficent.
The pack on the right is a pretty pink nail with black, white, and silvery blue details.
                                                  The design on these are very pretty!
                                   They look glossy and as nice as if you got gel nails.
                                                 They also don't chip which is a plus!
The first problem I have with these is how darn short they are! These are ridiculously short. I mean I do not have long nails by any means but even when I filed down my nails
they were still poking out. I had to force my self to file them in the first place
and was not about to make them any shorter. 
Even though these were short they did not fit my nails in width. You could see
my nails a great deal on both sides.
When I first saw these I laughed because it reminded me of when I was in high school
and we would all get the glue on nails, those were terrible! And they never stayed on for
more then a day. These stayed on for three, none fell off on the third day
but when I ran my fingers through my hair my hair kept getting caught under the nails
to a point that it would rip out my hair.
You could also see that the tips were beginning to lift. I am sure one
of them would have lifted by the next day.
These looked bulky and felt bulky overall not a win for me!
Have you tried Impress nails?
What was your experience with them?
Please Note* This product was sent to me for Review. All opinions are from my own experience.


Rinako Camellia said...

So cute manicure! **

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So adorable!..Thx for sharing..:-)

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great review!

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Bisma Rauf said...

Love your nails :)

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CharloJiho said...

Beautiful nails ! I love the colors !